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Victoria Park is a community of 248 single-family dwellings that is located within the City of Renton on the eastern slope of the Kent Valley. Victoria Park was built on forested land which even today retains its forest heritage through acres of greenbelt that are woven throughout the community. Its street plan emphasizes cul-de-sacs and a pair of entrances that connect only to its own streets and to each other, thereby eliminating through traffic which would disturb the quiet of the neighborhood. Victoria Park's location not only provides a spectacular view of the Olympic Mountain Range, but also provides quick access to freeways, shopping centers, Teasdale Park, Talbot Hill Elementary School, and the Valley Medical Center. It's a nice place to live.


Victoria Park was built within four plats that are known as Victoria Park 1 (VP1), Victoria Park 2 (VP2), Victoria Park 3 (VP3), and Victoria Park 4 (VP4). The first plat (VP1`) was developed beginning in 1967 by Transamerica Development Company and Georgia Pacific Investment Company. The first house was built on S. 27 Ct., which also served as the model house, and the first home was occupied in 1968. By 1971, most of the VP1 lots had been developed, and construction of VP2 started shortly thereafter by the same developers. Construction within VP3 started in 1973 and concluded in 1975. Builders of VP3 homes included Hillis Homes, Inc. In 1978 development of Victoria Park 4 was initiated by a new developer, but development was halted due to poor economic conditions at the time. Construction was resumed in 1979 when various lots were sold to builders including Danmore Construction Inc. and Guy Lambiaso Construction Co. The double-digit interest rates at the time greatly suppressed home sales throughout the region and these developers terminated their involvement with Victoria Park after selling the few homes that had been built with the 79-lot VP4 plat. In 1982 Charles Henderson Co. Inc. purchased most of the remaining VP4 lots and succeeded in building and selling homes on these lots. Henderson's successful construction effort essentially brought a close to the major development phases of Victoria Park.


Victoria Park is located within the City of Renton, and is approximately one mile north of the Valley Medical Center. Victoria Park is situated near the top of the eastern slope of the Kent Valley, and has a view that looks west across the Kent Valley toward the old Longacres site and the Olympic Mountains. Victoria Park is situated only a mile I-405 and the Valley Freeway, is within a 5-minute drive to the Renton Shopping Center, a 12-minute drive to the Renton Boeing Plant, and is a 15 minute drive to the Southcenter shopping complex. Close neighbors include the Valley Medical Center (one mile south of Victoria park), Talbot Hill Elementary School, and Teasdale Park. The grounds for the latter two concerns border Victoria Park.

See the maps of the neighborhood for more detail.

Homeowners' Association

The residences within Victoria Park are bounded by a common set of covenants that are administered by the Victoria Park Homeowners' Association. Each owner of a home within the Victoria Park is automatically a member of the Association, which entitles the member a vote within the election of a Board of Trustees. It is the duty of the Board of Trustees to administer the covenants and to care for the common properties, which include a substantial greenbelt and a children's park. Mandatory dues to the association as of January 2007 were $100 per lot per year.