Board of Trustees


The affairs of the Victoria Park Homeowners' Association are managed by a Board of Trustees that consists of five to nine persons. The trustees have the power to adopt rules and regulations that govern the use of common properties, and to establish and collect assessments for maintenance of the properties and for other association-sponsored activity.


Persons are elected by the general membership of the association at the annual meeting, which is held in January of each year. Trustees are elected to three-year terms.


Regular meetings of the Board of Trustees are held quarterly at members homes. Special meetings are held as necessary.

Current Board Membership

The Board of Trustees and the officers of the Board for the current year consist of the following persons:

MemberPositionBoard Term ExpiresE-Mail
Matt DevinePresident/Acting
Larry DaigleVice

* Please direct all dues, billing, change-of-address/ownership, and escrow inquiries to:  or by telephone: 425-390-4804

The Chairman of the Architectural Control Committee can be reached at:    Please read the applicable sections of the VPHA Covenants concerning architectural restrictions in Victoria Park.

The VPHA webmaster can be reached at: .

The VPHA newletter editor can be reached at

Any of the above Board of Trustees maybe contacted by writing to their e-mail addresses as listed above. Additionally, a voice-mail message may be recorded at 425-390-4804. Please state in the message the board member for whom the message is intended and it will be forwarded.