VPHA 2023 Calendar

1st Qtr. Board Meeting-January 23,20237:00 pmPresident-
Annual Homeowners Meeting (2022)Talbot Hill Elementary School (Library)May 9, 20237:00 pmPresident-
2nd Qtr. Board Meeting-June 12, 20237:00 pmPresident-
Community Garage SaleThroughout VPJuly 21-23, 20239:00 am startPresident(2)
Ice Cream SocialChildrens's ParkAugust 22, 20236:30 pmPresident-
3rd Qtr. Board Meeting-September 18, 2023TBDPresident-
4th Qtr. Board Meeting-December 4, 2023TBDPresident-
Annual Homeowners Meeting (2022)Talbot Hill Elementary School (Library)January 30, 20247:00 pmPresident(1)

(1) The VPHA Annual Open Meeting will be held at the Talbot Hill Elementary School library. The meeting is open to all homeowners & their guests, and all homeowners are urged to attend. It is the main time during the year when fellow homeowners & neighbors can meet together to discuss issues that affect our community. Please attend.

(2) Open to all homes within VP. Ads will be posted within local newspapers, and signs will be posted at entrances to VP.