Frequently Asked Questions

A number of questions pertaining to Victoria Park that are frequently asked by its residents are given below. An answer to each question is also provided.

Where is the Children's Park?

Just off of Morris near the north end of Victoria Park. See the maps of the neighborhood for more detail.

Do the VPHA covenants allow a business to be conducted within a home in Victoria Park?

No, the covenants do not allow a home business to be conducted within Victoria Park. In the past, the VPHA Board of Trustees has moved to close or block businesses from operating within Victoria Park, including day-care businesses and car-repair shops.

What can the homeowners' association do about a neighbor's barking dog?

Unfortunately, there is nothing in the VPHA covenants that allows the association to force a resident to keep their dogs from barking excessively; however, the City of Renton, in which Victoria Park resides, does have an enforceable noise ordnance, which can and has been used to address barking dogs. Residents should contact the city's Animal Control Officer to make a complaint regarding a neighbor's barking dog.

How much are the homeowners' association dues, when are they due, and to whom are they paid?

For the year 2007, the dues were $100 per lot. According to the VPHA covenants, dues are payable on the first day of January or each year; however, the VPHA Board of Trustees has for many years waited to collect dues until after the annual open meeting at which a proposed budget is presented to the members for approval. The annual open meeting is held sometime during the month of January, after which dues notices are sent to members via first class mail. Dues are payable to the "Victoria Park Homeowners' Association," and should be mailed to the VPHA at P.O. Box 1104, Renton, WA 98057-1104. To insure proper credit, please denote the division number (1, 2, 3, or 4) and the lot number for which the dues are being paid.

A neighbor has parked a junk car on the street for over a month. What can be done about this eyesore?

The matter of a junk car that is parked on a city street must be handled by the City of Renton Police Department. Cars that are parked on city streets and that are not moved for a period of time may be ticketed by the department.

How can I get a copy of the VPHA covenants?

A copy of the VPHA covenants are published on this VPHA web site, and can be accessed by clicking on "Covenants" within the navigation bar as positioned on the left-hand side of this web page.