The following policy pertaining to the collection of annual homeowner dues was adopted by the VPHA Board of Trustees at its February 01, 1977 meeting, and was amended by the Board at its March 20, 1980 meeting, and was amended again by the Board at its February 19, 1986 meeting.

January: Prepare bills.

January (2nd wk): Mail bills.

February 1: Payment due, delinquent after 30 days.

March 1: Mail second notice or reminder.

February 1: Dues are delinquent according to Article VII, Section 9. The Board recommends the following action against our neighbors:

April 1: Mail "warning of Lien" to homeowner by regular mail. A copy of Lien is to be sent with warning notice and refer to Article VII in covenants. No grace period is required. A second notice is not required.

April 15: Mail "Notice of Claim of Lien." Add $10 preparation and collection charge. Form filled out in triplicate. Original goes to King County Auditor along with the filing fee. County stamps, records, and returns this form to Association. Second copy goes to homeowner along with cover letter by regular mail.

Payment is eventually made to cover:

Preparation and collection charge


Filing fee and postage

Interest at 6% from January 1st, after the first year has lapsed.

Prepare "Satisfaction of Lien" in triplicate.

Original goes to King County Auditor.

Second copy goes to homeowner.

Third copy goes to Association.

Statute of limitations runs out in 6 years. Can sue if worthwhile.