The following policy pertaining to the advertising within the VPHA newsletter was adopted by the VPHA Board of Trustees at its November 19, 2007 meeting.

A Victoria Park Homeowners’ Association (VPHA) newsletter may include paid advertisements, i.e., advertisements for which the VPHA receives a fee for inclusion of the ad within the newsletter.

Advertisements shall cost $30 per newsletter issue for a standard business-card ad (roughly 3 ˝” x 2”). Other ads shall cost $5.00 per square inch of submitted ad copy; however, no ad shall cost less than $30. Payment for an ad shall be payable to the Victoria Park Homeowners’ Association, and shall be received by the association prior to or in conjunction with receipt of the ad copy.

All ads shall be submitted to the newsletter editor in the form of a business card or camera-ready ad copy. In general, ads will be published in black and white format, regardless of colors that may exist within the submitted ad copy.

Placement of ads within a newsletter is at the discretion of the newsletter editor. An ad may be moderately changed in size for publication in the newsletter; however, the cost of the ad will not be adjusted with regard to a change in size. All advertisements within a VPHA newsletter shall be contained within a section of the newsletter that is marked as an advertising section.

Ads shall be submitted to the newsletter editor by means as established by the newsletter editor. A cutoff date for submittal of an ad for inclusion in a given newsletter shall also be established by the newsletter editor.

The VPHA reserves the right to reject any ad for any reason, including lack of available space. Ads that are specifically forbidden for publication in a VPHA newsletter are political-type ads, ads that pertain to adult-only products or services, or ads that offer for sale a product or service that is prohibited by law within the City of Renton. Payment for a rejected ad shall be returned to the ad sponsor.

An ad for publication in the VPHA newsletter must advertise a product or service offered by a Victoria Park resident or offered by a company for which the resident is an owner or agent.

By publication of a sponsored ad, the VPHA makes no warrant as to the product or service being advertised.

The frequency of publication of a VPHA newsletter shall be established by the VPHA Board of Trustees. Distribution of the newsletter shall be by means of first class USPS mail.