The following policy pertaining to the posting of signs on VPHA common property was adopted by the VPHA Board of Trustees at its June 15, 1993 meeting.

No signs of any kind shall be posted on any common property with the exception of the landscaped area at each entrance to Victoria Park. Signs at the entrances may be posted subject to the following restrictions:

  1. Signs that are allowed include real-estate (house-for-sale or open-house) signs, house-for-rent signs, garage-sale signs, lost (or found) pet signs. Political signs (signs that advocate a particular vote) and commercial advertising signs (i.e., "Eat at Joe's") are specifically forbidden.
  2. The duration for which a sign may be posted is limited to 48 hours in any one-week period, and any event-related signs must be removed within 24 hours of the event.
  3. Due to damage caused by nails, staples, and other fasteners, no sign of any kind may be affixed to the Victoria Park sign at either entrance.
  4. Real estate signs shall be limited to sandwich boards or A-frame types only.
  5. The Association reserves the right to remove any sign that is in violation of this policy without notice.